Friday, November 25, 2011

A Birthday Treat for You!

It's my birthday today, so I decided to celebrate it by hosting Amber Kell today. Since she is a November baby, too, she has been blog hopping and posting a new section of a free read every day this month. So, now it's my turn. *claps hands* If you have missed the other chapter to this wonderful story, jump on over to her blog for all the details. Now, I'm off to gobble up some cake.

Accidental Alpha #25

Stanley caught the door with his foot and closed it with a shove. He slid his hands around Fenris and cradled him close as if he were something worth treasuring. “Did you come find me for some afternoon nookie or was there something else?”
His erection promptly deflated. “My mother called. She said she’d like to meet you and your family.”
The alpha stiffened. “Well since you had to meet my parents, I could meet your mother and her husband.”
“His name’s Abraham.”
“Ah.” Stanley rubbed noses with Fenris. “Do we like Abraham?”
Fenris shrugged. “He’s okay. You know how kids are. When their parents divorce they always think some day they’ll get back together.”
“Well I can see how in your case you might think they really would.”
“Yeah. Anyway you don’t have anything to fear, you’re an alpha.”
Stanley frowned. “What does that mean?”
Fenris grinned him. “That’s like bagging a doctor in human terms. You’re golden.”
Laughing, Stanley kissed him. “I’m glad. My mother liked you too.”
“Yeah, but your father didn’t.”
Stanley shrugged. “He’ll adapt.”
“If he doesn’t?” Fenris didn’t want to push but he also didn’t want to cause a rift between his new mate and Stanley’s parents.
“Trust me. He’ll adapt. My father is currently disappointed his plans didn’t work out but deep down he wants me to be happy.”
Fenris wasn’t going to borrow trouble. Stanley knew the Overseer better than anyone with the exception of Stanley’s mother. If his mate felt no concern over the situation than Fenris wasn’t going to lose sleep over it.
“Mom wants to have dinner with you and your parents. She says in-laws should get to know each other.”
“I’ll call my mother and figure out a good time.”
A wave of relief swept through Fenris. He fingered Stanley’s collarbone where it showed above his shirt. “There’s only one more little thing, it’s barely worth mentioning.”
“Uh, huh,” Stanley’s tone was disbelieving. Smart man.
Fenris kept his gaze on his finger and avoided his mate’s eyes. “I told the pack you’d host the next full moon hunt.”
Stanley’s lifted Fenris’ chin. “What aren’t you telling me?”
“If Sebastian wants to challenge you for the alpha position and merge the two packs he’ll do it at the hunt.”
“How does he know where we’ll meet?”
Fenris smiled. “We’ll tell him of course. We’re wolves we don’t hide from snakes.”
Stanley laughed. “When am I hosting this shindig?”
“In three nights. I’ve already arranged for the food.”
Fenris closed his eyes as Stanley ran his fingers through Fenris’ hair in long, gentle strokes. “You take good care of me mate.”
“I’ll always take care of you, that’s my job.” Fenris leaned his head against Stanley’s shoulder and sighed.


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    That said, I can't wait for both the hunt and the dinner (raise your hand if you also think there will be distinct similarities between the two)

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  15. Happy Birthday stephanie. Amber as usual has outdone herself with this entry.

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  46. I am so loving this story, Fenris and Stanley are so cute together in this installment. Looks like there is going to be lots of action in the last days of this blog story. Dinner with the in laws, hunt and possible challenge. Can't wait for tomorrow's post.

    Happy Birthday Stephani, love your Lost Shifter books, Shanes blog story, and also as of yesterday your Night Wardens series. Can't wait for the second book to come out next month as well as the next Lost Shifter book. I am thinking I might have to blow the book budget for the month and purchase the Drone Vampire series as they were mentioned in Night Terrors. This and Ambers new book coming out tonight (my time zone)should hopefully keep me busy until your next books are released.

    Hopefully, might have to try and stop reading so fast. Yeah right! Tried can't do it, totally addicted. Love reading to much.

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  54. Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Stephani, Happy Birthday to You!!!! :o)

    Thank you for hosting Amber on your Blog today, 2 Very Talented Birthday Ladies in November. There are 4 authors which I buy every book they release, You & Amber, Stormy Glenn & Joyee Flynn, so PLEASSSZZZEEEE Stephani & Amber, keep those HAWT Books Coming!!!! :)

    Fenris is just so cute LOL this comment was so funny....“There’s only one more little thing, it’s barely worth mentioning.” One little thing??? LOL I don't think Sebastain is in the catagory of a little thing. LOL But I'm sure Fenris will find a way to take Stanley's mind off of the upcoming challenge.

    I hope Everyone had a Very Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving & a Sage Black Friday,
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