Saturday, July 2, 2011

TV Time With Cody

I only have a month and a half before Cody moves away for college, *sob* While I know he needs to grow up, I'm going to miss the snot out of him. Just a couple of  weeks ago we volunteered for HRC at Grand Rapid's Pride. I was amazed at how well informed and professional he was. It's been a year since he's come out and he's grown so much in that time.

Lately, one of our favorite things to do together has been watching the show 1 Girl and 5 Gays. Filmed in Canada, it's a talk show where a female hosts asks five gay men twenty questions about "love and life".  I love the host, Aliya-Jasmine. Plus, some of the guys on the show have stolen my heart as well, Matt Barker, Jean-Paul and Jonathan are just a few of them.  It's very interesting to hear some the guys' answers to the questions. There have also been some very memorable moments. I found clips from two of them and I posted them below. I hope you enjoy them. *warning the first video features extensive penis talk, so it's  NSFW*


  1. LOL! Those were great. :-)
    I love the expression on Aliya-Jasmine face when she looked at the photo!! Priceless.

    Where is Cody going to school?

  2. Lol! The Intervention. Lol!!

  3. Sharon-I love Aliya-Jasmine's laugh. Cody is going to Baker College in Muskegon. He's majoring in nursing.

    Rachel-I loved when he screamed when he found out the gift bags were empty.

  4. Aw, Cody is such a cutie! :D

  5. Good for him! That's absolutely wonderful. My niece is also majoring in nursing. She is going to Rivier College in New Hampshire. She's currently doing her clinicals at a hospital in NH.

  6. Chris-Thank you. He went out to gather signatures for the support equal marriage petition and did very well.

    Sharon-He's really excited about going to school.