Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ranger's Folly

Ranger's Folly-the next installment of the Lost Shifter Series-Coming soon to eXtasy Books

Exiled from his childhood pack and hated by his family, Wolf shifter Ranger vowed that he'd help prevent others from suffering the same heartbreak. He fulfilled his promise, first by taking in stray shifters and then by becoming a soldier for a feline coalition. When he discovers a strange Eagle shifter stalking one of his friends, it's only natural that Ranger becomes protective, especially when said Eagle is in the company of two of the most evil shifters of all: Ravens.

Eagle shifter Xavier lost everything dear to him when tragedy struck his family years ago. Raised in extreme seclusion by a family of Ravens, he's always felt as if a piece of himself was missing. After he learns that he has a twin brother, who is alive and living with feline shifters, Xavier can't resist learning more about his brother.

Fighting their mutual distrust, Xavier and Ranger also find themselves drawn to each other. In a world that's not always so black and white, can they get beyond prejudices and taboo, or will their love be lost to hate?


  1. Ack!!! I can't believe I missed these comments.

    Thanks, Chris and Marsha!

  2. I am intrigued by this, albeit not surprised that it is about Xavier. The question I most ask is: does he have the same condition as Riley does and do they meet in this book?

  3. Anon-No, Xavier doesn't suffer from bi-polar disorder. He does have some issues with what happened with him as a child, however. He and Riley do finally meet in this book.