Monday, September 27, 2010

Must Have of the Day!

Just because I've always wanted to be a ninja. Plus, I love cute salt and pepper shakers.

Cute Kawaii Stuff - Salt and Pepper Ninjas
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  1. I loved them, too. I wonder if they would keep disappearing though, since "Ninjas live in the shadows." Just like Nick Swardson said:

  2. I wish I could find the link but someone posted on Craigs List that they wanted other ninja's to hang out with, climbing trees, running through alley's, etc. Nothing dangerous or hurting other people. It was hilarious. Shit. Wish I could remember who posted that on Twitter. I thought I knew but I checked his tweets and I can't find it.

    If you love ninjas, my friends Craig and Jere did an on-line debate about whether Ninjas or Pirates are better.

  3. OMG! The pictures on Craig and Jere's post were too funny. I wish I could see that Craig's list post, too, I'll bet it was a riot.