Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sperm Plush Doll from Baron Bob

 Sperm Plush Doll from Baron Bob

Look who wants to swim into your open arms and cuddle. Why it's the happy go lucky Sperm Plush Doll!

Let the Sperm Plush Doll comfort you in times of stress.

The Sperm Plush Doll likes to move around. Place them on the couch, bring them on the tram
poline, however their most happiest in the bedroom. 

Each Sperm Doll is hand made with love by designer Shane Geil.

Two sizes to choose from:
Original Sperm approximately 10" long.
MEGA Sperm over 20" long!!

Don't let yours swim away!


  1. well, now...but how does it taste?

  2. Lets stop and consider the size of the balls that could produce 20 inch long sperm.....

  3. Too funny! I wonder how big the balls would be, too. You watch, somebody is going to write a book M/M book about where one of the MC is a giant. They could call it, You and Mini-Me.

  4. Chris, I happen to think they would make for great conversation pieces. I could just see my grandmother's face if she saw those being used as throw pillows on my couch.