Friday, March 30, 2012


I have good news and bad news. The bad is that Colby and the Little Wolf's release date has been pushed back some. I really wanted to have it ready for you guys by the first, but the boys weren't cooperating with me and I needed some more time with them. The good news is that they will be out on the fifteenth, so the wait won't be long! So, I hope you forgive me. I just wanted to make sure you guys got the best book possible, because I think that's what my readers deserve.

I promise as soon as I can, I will post an excerpt for you guys. I'll try to put up a new installment of the Chronicles of Shane, too.


  1. TGried commenting yesterday from my iphone but it had issues with the code filter thingy. Anyways - what I was trying to type was Yay for finally getting Colby's story and double Yay for Chronicles of Shane :). Also - we got a new external hard drive for me because I have so much music and sooooo many books (over 1000) that I was running out of space. Well, because of all the work being done, when my husband transferred the files, my itunes library was wiped. Got the files back but all playlists are gone and all my books (which were saved in more than one spot) were gone from my books folder on itunes. I cried for a bit. Well, I took it as an opportunity to better organize my series books. I renamed files by including series name as well as the number of the order they came in then the title. Soooo much nicer. However, it also made me realize how many of your frikkin books I have! Oh my gosh. Because of your series and with how many you get out there, you are the most repeated author in the library. It's 3:40 AM here in Oregon and I really should be in bed but I know I am going to go read. Anyways - thanks for all the good reads Lady :)

  2. My computer is a pain!! I tried to comment yesterday and just a few minutes ago and it is being completely temperamental -_- I'm so happy the new Lost Shifter book with Colby's story is coming out!! XD I've been waiting for this since Gage's Awakening came out :) I'll just have to wait a bit longer for it, but either way I'll have to wait till it comes out on Amazon. I can't wait for Colby and the Little Wolf to come out though!!! XD

    Also my wish has come true!! Another Installment of the Chronicles of Shane ( one of my favorites). :D You made my day yesterday! By the way Light Outside the Closet was awesome! The Haven Coffee House Boys is another series I'm going to have to practically stlk now. ;)

  3. Thanks for understanding everybody. The boys are behaving now and their story is working out wonderfully.