Thursday, December 22, 2011


Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Not only have the holidays made things crazy, but I injured my shoulder. As a result, I can only type for short periods of time. I did think that it would be a good idea to stop by and give a few updates, though.

Cody and I had  wonderful  time volunteering for the NOH8 photo shoot in Detroit. Hopefully, we will be receiving our pictures soon. Cody had some solo shots taken, then we had some taken together. It was an amazing experience. From the little girl who came to get a picture taken in support of her moms, to the teen who held up his certificate of adoption, while standing next to his dad. I attached one picture here that was taken of all the volunteers and wouldn't you know it, I'm the only one who has their eyes closed in it.

The Safe Reading Zone site is up and working, So feel free to go snag the badge. Thanks to everybody who has sent me additional help links. Cody will be updating them soon. Since the little brat is back home and jobless, I re-hired him as my PA. I get help with my website and such, he gets money for the clubs. I think it's a pretty fair trade.

After the first of the year, I will once again begin posting stories from The Chronicles of Shane. I have a huge surprise in store for Shane and Trevor. One that nobody is going to see coming. Joie was the one who came up with the plot twist. Sometimes that girl amazes me.  I think she may have a future in writing.

Just in case I don't get a chance to post again, I want to wish all my readers a very happy holidays. I only wish you all knew just how much I treasure each and every one of you. I would not be where I am now without you and I couldn't ask for a better group of people. I also want to thank all of my friends who have been with me through the troubling past couple of months. I am truly blessed to have such support.


  1. Happy Holidays to you & your wonderful family Stephani!!

    May every day of the new year glow with good cheer & happiness for you and your family!


  2. Thanks, Sharon. Make sure to send out my well wishes to your family as well. I am so happy that you and I got to know each other this year. You're the best.

  3. Here's hoping your shoulder feels better and that you and yours have a great holiday!!

    Hmm. My veri word is brace - you can't exactly get a shoulder brace, so I'm hoping we aren't supposed to brace ourselves for something....

  4. Chris-A brace would be so sad. I am so claustrophobic I don't know if I could stand it. When I did my paramedic clinicals, I had trouble even wearing a surgical mask. LOL

    I hope you have a great holidays, too. Give the kitties a big kiss and hug for me.