Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hi, :) I'm Jonah

The Detroit PFLAG chapter posted this on their website today. I am so full of emotion after watching this that I really don't know what to, I guess I'll let Jonah do all the talking. I just want Jonah to know that he's not alone, that there are people who love and accept him for he is. Most of all, I want him and others like him to know that there is so much good out there, so please, please, please don't give up.


  1. Oh, God... Stephani. Thank you for posting this. What a powerful video.

    I'm crying here, and I hope that Jonah keeps going and holds onto those million reasons he says he has to be here.

  2. I hope it's okay, but I have put a link to your blog on mine to reach this video. I hope this boy has not become a statistic like Jamey Rodemeyer.

  3. Jo and Barb-Yes, it's very heartbreaking. I read somewhere that he did a follow-up video and he's doing much better.