Tuesday, September 27, 2011


*please excuse all typos and such, I'm feeling real emotional right now and am crying as I write this*

When I heard about the latest teen suicide, it took me a several days to fully deal with my emotions. I have been angry, depressed, sad, scared as hell and just plain heartbroken. I simply don't understand how I can live in a country that has such rampant hate. While we're supposed to be "Land of the Free" we are denying countless individuals even their more basic rights. What's more these so-called adults are subjecting kids to this kind of prejudice.So many teens fear going to school, because they know they will be the victims of emotional and physical abuse  I was damn lucky in that Cody had a strong core of friends to support him. While he did face same stupid comments and jeers, he had just as many people around him telling him that they loved him. But we all know too well that's not always the case. So many of these kids don't have anybody to turn to. When Cody started the first GSA at his school, he had several teens tell him that before they had the group, they felt so alone in the world.

So when I stumbled across a new Youtube campaign, IT STOPS NOW...LIKE RIGHT NOW! I knew I had to spread the message. So, watch it and more importantly, spread the message...this hate, this bullying, this ignorance has to stop!


  1. Thanks for this. My daughter struggles with this. She was actually told by a worker for the state that she should not go into paralegal work because of her life style.

  2. Debby-We feel your pain. In fact, this is what my son, Cody posted as his FB status today:

    Cody Hecht

    Recently a law was passed in the Michigan state house of representatives that makes it illegal for people to receive health benefits from their same-sex domestic partners employer. Many companies throughout the state of Michigan were already doing this. Companies such as Target, Starbucks, Google and many others. There are thousands of people, no doubt, that will loose their health insurance because of this, simply because they are gay.
    It is sad how bigoted the laws of my home state are. I am not allowed to marry, adoption has been made extremely difficult, we are one of only a few states to still not have an enumerated anti-bullying law. At every opportunity to either be open and accepting, or bigoted and hateful. Michigan has chosen the latter. As soon as I am finished with college, I will be leaving the state of Michigan.

  3. Tell Cody that he should check out Minneapolis! :)

    Unless, of course, the #$(!#@ constitutional amendment against gay marriage gets passed in November 2012. :(

  4. I keep coming back to this post. I've wanted to say something but I didn't know what. I completely agree with you that this is unacceptable. I just don't know what to do about it. I noticed that on your post for Shane's new story, there were nine comments so far. Only three before mine here. Then I realized most people are probably like me- we agree but what is there to say other than that? But this is certainly a worthy cause. No one should ever be bullied, especially children. That often it is not only other kids, but adults doing the bullying make these suicides and the events leading up to the suicides that much more terrible. I believe many feel as you do.

    I don't know of any way to change this except that it probably comes down to the little day to day events. To us standing up for those that are bullied when we see it occur. Or to us standing up to our friends and loved ones whom are showing prejudice. I watched my sister go from calling out anyone who showed the slightest prejudice to sitting silently as the new boyfriend she was infatuated with made one slur after another both against race and sexuality. That made me think, perhaps the most change can be wrought by simply standing up to those we are close to and letting them know their behavior is unacceptable. Its hard to affect a stranger. And while it may not be easier to affect change in those we are close to, we do stand a greater chance of making a impact, of at the very least, making them stop and think about what they are saying and doing.

  5. Chris-I'll tell Cody to go see his Auntie Chris :P

    avatarminx-Thank you for such an insightful message. *hugs*

  6. I didn't know about this; I haven't lived in Michigan in 16 years. I'm ashamed that something like this exists in ANY state. As far as the suicide of gay teen goes, I've written about this on my own blog also. I continue to be appalled that this bullying behavior is allowed to continue. I think the adults in this country who perpetuate and support these attitudes in their children should be punished along with their children for contributing to the ending of a life. Even though they may not have pulled the trigger, supplied the pills, or tied the knot that killed a teen, they are just as culpable a if they had. This is just my opinion, and I suspect it would not be a popular one.

    I better quit before I get more upset!

  7. Barb-*hugs* thank you for your support. I wish more people saw things that way.