Thursday, July 21, 2011


As some of you may already know, Cody is going in for surgery tomorrow. He suffers from Pectus Carinatum, which is better known as pigeon chest.The entire procedure is expected to take over three hours, and they anticipate that he'll be in the hospital for the following three to four days. Since I'm a very overprotective mother, I'm going to stay with him the entire time. Even though he's going to be eighteen next month, I just can't leave my baby overnight.

Because of all this, I've had to change around my release schedule a bit. While I will be taking my computer with me, I just don't know how much work I'll be able to get done. So, I won't be having an August 1st release with eXtasy. Don't despair, however, on the 15th the next EMS Heat book will be coming out. Plus, I have two other releases in August. Ash Swan, my joint release with Amber Kell is  slated to come out around August 3rd-ish and on August 7th, Ashton and Justice is coming out at Amber Allure.

As soon as I can, I promise to post another update and let you all know how the surgery went. Hopefully the hospital has internet.  Otherwise, I'll be lost without my daily blog fix.


  1. Being with Cody is the most important thing right now. You just concentrate on him. All of us fans will be here waiting for you. Keep us posted when you can.

    Best of luck and prayers to Cody (and you).


  2. Give Cody a supportive hug for me :)

  3. As Sharon said, family is ALWAYS first. Honey you concentrate on your family and everything else can wait. We all are praying for a speedy recovery for Cody.

    Hugs and kisses,

  4. *crosses fingers and toes for Cody*

  5. I'll be keeping him in my thoughts tomorrow... while I'm helping my brother and SIL move...

  6. Sending thoughts and prayers for Cody. *hugs to you both*

  7. Sharon-Thanks for being so understanding. *hugs*

    Amber-I will for sure. I think I'm more nervous than he is. LOL

    Rachel-Thank you so much. You're support mean the world to me. *hugs back*

  8. Kris-Thank you. Hopefully they give him some good drugs,so he won't feel too much pain.

    Eyre-Thanks. I'll make sure to let everyone know how it goes.

    Chris-Thanks. When you help with the move, be careful not to get hurt again :-)

  9. I hope everything goes wonderfully with Cody's surgery. (hugs)

  10. Ava-Thanks! I'm glad that it's going to be at U of M. That's one of the best hospitals around.

  11. Laura Aleman StriplinJuly 22, 2011 at 3:12 AM

    You know - even though I really like reading your books and do not like waiting, I absolutely do not want you to worry about us - your readers. Your son is number one right now. We'll still be here whenever your release dates come. Go take care of your baby - Yes - he will always be your baby no matter how old he gets just like my son will always be mine. Prayers and all that good positive stuff yours and Cody's way.

  12. Will send good thoughts your way for Cody. As a nurse and a clinical leader I'm going to give you a few tips. Can't help educating, it's part of my being!
    1. Stay strong and just remember the third day out is the worst, that's when the soreness realllly kicks in. Ignore his whiny/bitchiness and remember that when you want to strangle him. Yes, there will come a time when you want to do that no matter how much you love him. lol

    2. Make him get up and walk and use the incentive spirometer (at least every one to two hours while awake), make him deep breath and cough. Yes, it will hurt like hell but the last thing he needs is pneumonia setting in because he didn't.

    3. Make him take his pain meds, even if he doesn't feel like he's hurting that bad, no, you don't have to take it as often as it's ordered, but don't let the pain get to the point of tears, it just makes it that much harder to bring it back down to an acceptable level. Oddly enough an anti-inflammatory works better most of the time than a narcotic. Ask about toradol, naproxen, diclofenac, or other NSAIDs to alternate with the narcotic, lortab (hydrocodone) and percocet (oxycodone) are combination drugs and contain tylenol there is a maximum amount you can have of tylenol daily before it starts to do organ damage)

    4. Don't neglect yourself while you are there taking care of him. Go home and rest while you can, move around, take something to read.

    :) Good Luck!

  13. Wonderful advise Hayley!

    Thoughts & prayers being sent to Cody, and you, today Stephani.

  14. Laura-Thanks for the support. He's in a lot of pain today, but they promise it will get better.

    Hayley-Thank you so much for all the tips. I feel so overwhelmed right now, and it's so nice to have it written out for me. That was so sweet of you.

    Sharon-It's rough going right now, but at least the operation part is behind us. Now we just have the long recovery.

  15. I'm glad the surgery part is over and I don't blame you for not wanting to leave his side, I have 2 boys of my own so I completely understand :)
    You are an awesome writer and so your books are totally worth the wait. :)
    Take care of your family and we will all be here when he is feeling better, I hope you have a great weekend and that you son feels better soon :)

  16. Hi Stephani,

    So glad to hear a positive update. I can't imagine how difficult this must be for you. I freak out when my dog needs surgery...a child is something else entirely. I know how much you love your family and I am really happy to hear Cody came through surgery so well!

  17. Thanks AJ and mel. He managed to get up and walk some. The nurses were really impressed, because it usually takes patients a few days to do that when they have this operation.

  18. My thoughts be with you and well wishes for Cody, Steph.

  19. Bullet-Thank you so much :-) Cody was just released this morning. He's on some major pain meds and he won't be running any marathons any time soon, but he's happy to be home.

  20. Laura Aleman StriplinJuly 26, 2011 at 2:36 AM

    Good to hear he is back at home. When I had chest congestion issues that were pneumonia and near pneumonia, I used a wedge pillow. It's big and awkward at times but it helped. About three feet by three feet by about a foot. Just to help in case congestion wants to build up.

  21. Oh dear, strength and hugs to you.
    Good to hear he's home!

  22. I'm glad to hear he's home now. Hope his recovery is as fast and painless as possible. Hugs!

  23. Laura-I'll have him try that. Thanks.

    Lis-He's a little grumpy today because of the pain, but at least I got him to eat some dinner.

    Lily-Hugs back! I promised him that we'd go see Harry Potter as soon as he's better, so that should be a great motivator.