Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shades of the Past-Available now at eXtasy Books!

All paramedics know how dangerous their job can be. Kiefer just never expected to experience that truth so early in his career when he lost his cousin and job partner to a tragic accident. Now floundering in both life and his role as a paramedic, Kiefer is in jeopardy of losing everything he worked so hard for.

In all his years as a Pontiac City Fireman, Ray’s seen a lot of hurt. Nothing affected him more than the day he found Kiefer, emotionally shattered and near catatonic. Ever since then, Ray hasn’t been able to get the paramedic out of his mind. When he finds out that Kiefer is making a cross-country trip to return some items to his deceased cousin’s mother, Ray jumps at the chance to go along.  What Ray doesn’t expect is to fall for the medic. Will he be able to help Kiefer heal enough to give them a chance or will Ray suffer his own heartbreak?

Kiefer looked sad again.

As soon as Ray walked out of the smoke-filled house, his gaze had begun to search for the thin paramedic. Ray had heard the call from dispatch, saying they were sending a rig to check out the inhabitants of the home. He’d also heard the number of said ambulance…625.

For the past five months, those three numbers had been burned into Ray’s brain. Not because he had a special affinity for that particular rig, or because he’d decided they were his new Powerball lottery combination either. No, it all had to do with one certain medic assigned to that ambulance.


Ray’s gaze finally found and locked in on the medic. Even under the crappy illumination of the flashing sirens and weak streetlamps, Kiefer looked perfect. So much so that Ray’s breath hitched a bit.

Kiefer stood at the back of his rig. The doors were open and a small girl sat on the edge, her bare feet dangling in the air. Her tear-streaked face turned up into the medic’s direction as a tiny smile covered her face.

The medic wore a heavy, blue raincoat over his usual dark navy uniform. Even though the rain no longer fell in a heavy torrent, drops of water still clung to Kiefer’s dark hair. He’d allowed the front to grow a bit longer so a lock fell over his deep, blue eyes. Although a smile graced his young face, it never reached his troubled gaze. Not that Ray expected it, not after everything that’d happened to the guy.

One minute. That’s how long it’d taken for Kiefer’s life to become forever changed. Sixty seconds of terror and the man’s life had gone into the crapper. The worst part is, while Ray wanted to help the kid out, he’d quickly found out there was squat he could do.

After he took off some of his heavier equipment, Ray grabbed a teddy bear from his fire truck and made his way over to the ambulance. With each step closer he took to Kiefer, Ray’s heart pounded a bit harder and his stomach clenched nervously.

Damn, he really needed to get a grip. Kiefer never looked at him as anything other than a friend and here Ray was nearly tripping over himself—all from the prospect of being able to have Kiefer’s attention, if just for a moment. It was crazy because even if Kiefer showed a spark of interest, the kid wasn’t emotionally ready to start any kind of relationship.
Try telling that to Ray’s heart though, because it’d long ago given itself up to Kiefer.


  1. Laura Aleman StriplinJune 1, 2011 at 9:52 PM

    Uuuuuuuugggggh! I have to wait until tomorrow to get this. Dang bank account(not main one just grocery budget). "Groceries"! Hah. If my husband only knew :)

  2. Congrats on the new book release, Steph!!

  3. Thanks, Chris and Ava!

    Laura-LOL food????? Who needs food?????/

  4. this one seems shorter?? or am I just imagining it?

  5. Another great EMS Heat story! Loved it. Can't wait to read the next one. Hmmm, what's next? Another from your Blue Line Hockey series, right? Yippee!!!!!!

  6. Anom-I believe it may have been a bit shorter than some of them. It wasn't on purpose or anything, that was just how the story panned out :-)

    Sharon-Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. The next book out will be a Drone Vampire, then a Blue Line Hockey one and then the next Lost Shifter Book.

  7. Laura Aleman StriplinJune 4, 2011 at 12:39 PM

    Two fave series are the Lost and EMS series. Really enjoyed this one. Characters do not always have to be perfect. Ray was dang near close, though. Kiefer had his demons but he beat them. That really added to the story and it worked. As long as the phrase "tasted like ambrosia" isn't used, it works for me :). *** term has been WAY overused in many books nowadays.