Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Between The Pipes

Between The Pipes

When Trey dreamed of one day playing professional hockey, he always imagined it would be for one of the top ranking NHL teams. He never fathomed he’d end up on a last place, farm team and struggling to live from one paycheck to the next. Instead of limousines, endorsement deals and accolades, he’s stuck with a rundown rink, jeering ex-fans and a crappy second-hand truck that only runs fifty percent of the time. Then his life goes from sucky to sucky-er when he’s blackmailed into coaching a group of kids from the local rink. Trey’s never been good with dealing with other people, let alone their mini-versions, so he’s certain it’s all going to end in one huge disaster.

As a member of the Battle Creek police force, Wade is proud of his town. Sure their local hockey team may be in last place, but with the new goalie, things seem to be looking up. When he finds out his nephew is being coached by that very same goalie, Wade can’t wait for a face-to-face encounter. He’s not prepared to find himself instantly attracted to Trey. Especially when it becomes apparent that Trey is hiding something from his past.
Trey wants to get closer to Wade, but knows to do so could spell disaster for not only him, but the rest of his family. Will Trey be able to give into his desires or will the past continue to hold him down?


He scanned the sea of bodies, searching for Trey. It didn’t take him long to find the man. Trey stood nearly dead center in the middle of the dance floor. He wore only a pair of tight black jeans and a look of pure bliss as his thin body swayed sensuously to some old Madonna song. Even from a distance, Wade could make out several droplets of sweat trailing down Trey’s muscular, tan chest. More sweat clung to his honey blond hair, making it stick up on end in places. While on anyone else it may have looked foolish, with Trey, it gave him a whole debauched look that caused Wade’s cock to begin to swell to life.

At one point, Trey must have worn a shirt because a dark red tee was haphazardly tucked into the back of the waistband of his too-tight-to-be-legal pants. The shirt trailed down a bit, the ends bouncing whenever he rocked his hips.

Trey opened his eyes and by the glazed, unfocused look of them, at first Wade wondered if he were on something. It only took a few moments of watching to dash that thought away. Trey may be high alright, but it only came from the feel of the music while he danced.

Wade remained rooted with bone-crushing arousal as he watched Trey close his eyes again and then slowly trail his hands up his chest to his neck before threading them in the sweaty, blond strands of his hair. A soft smile played on his full lips, almost as if he were in a happy place that he alone could achieve.

On their own accord, Wade’s feet began to move forward. The entire way over, his gaze remained fixed on Trey and the ball-tingling show he was putting on. With each thrust of the man’s hips or sway of his chest, Wade grew harder—so much so that the press of the zipper from his jeans nearly became painful and his pants were nowhere near as tight as Trey’s.

Once he reached Trey, Wade stood there and waited for the man to notice him. It only took Trey a few beats. His lids fluttered opened to reveal those soft, beguiling blue eyes as the smile on his face grew a fraction wider. Wade’s heart pounded as his gut clenched in anticipation and he wondered what Trey’s reaction would be. Would he be happy to see him? Or would he just consider Wade another one of many admirers? He didn’t need to glance around the bar to know that he wasn’t the only guy watching Trey.

“Dance with me,” Trey ordered in a raspy voice.


  1. Congratulations! Looking forward to Trey getting a HEA. Lord knows the boy deserves it.

  2. Tam-Thanks! I so wanted to give Trey that HEA, too.

    Chris- :-) I celebrated by taking a nap.

  3. Wonderful story. I am glad Trey is happy and relaxed. He is such a sweet guy.
    So, next will be Kip and Sergi(hint)? I agree with Trey that he needs to come on out that closet. Its getting a tight in there.
    Look forward to reading many more of your stories.


  4. Thanks, Lisa! Yes, the next book will be about Kip and Sergei. The title of that one will be Cup Check.