Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Neverending Story bully update

If you were like me The Neverending Story marks one of those magical moments in your childhood. One where you realized that a good book could take you anywhere. That is unless you were one of the bullies from the end of the movie. Have you ever wondered what happened to them after the final credits rolled? Now you can find out:


  1. That was a hoot! Thanks for sharing, Stephani!

    Did you read the book - with the two different colors of ink?

  2. Wren-No, I haven't checked out that book. I'm going to have to get it. I really think my daughter would enjoy it.

    Tam-I'm still laughing about the "Day Screams" part.

  3. LOLO OMG, Stephani! That was awesome - thank you for sharing that! :D

  4. Bronwyn-I'm glad you liked it. I wish they would show more of the ET kid's session. That one looks like it could be a riot.