Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's official! Gaga has taken over!

As some of you from Facebook may already know, I caved the other day and let my son get a vanity plate for his car. I'll have to give him credit, he approached the topic very diplomatically. Much like a politician would campaign for a  new bill. In the start he didn't push too hard, instead tossing out the occasional comment, so the seeds could be planted and then left to fester. Then he waited until the time was just right before he struck and slapped me with the request. Have I ever mentioned what sneaky boogers teens can be?

Here is how it all went down. For weeks he'd hinted that he wanted to show his love for the Gaga by somehow getting a plate that honored her. He started it off by making it a game. After some back and forth banter, where such options as "LIL MNSTR" and "PKR FACE" were tossed around, the subject was dropped.

Or so I believed.

We had to go to the DMV to renew the tags for the car. While we waited in line to get in line, (No, that wasn't a typo. We literally had to wait in line to get a number to....wait in line.)  Cody turned to me and gave his best "I love you" smile.

"You know, while we're here it would be so easy to get that plate I've been wanting."

I sighed. "We don't even know how much it costs."

"It's $35 today and $10 extra every year when we renew the tags," he quickly recited, showing he'd thoroughly researched the topic.

After we reached the counter, I doubled checked the price with the sullen faced employee. Once I was assured that Cody did indeed have the correct information, I gave the go-ahead.

This is the end result:

Just today I found this video on the internet and had to laugh because it was so appropriate for today's blog topic. A group of Emerson College students pay homage to the artist. I was really impressed with their effort.


  1. Holy crap, was that all a single continue shot?!

  2. Sharon-He's so thrilled with it. I haven't seen him that excited in a while.

    Chris-It looked like it to me. They did a great job.

    Wren-Aw, thanks. He's been doing so well this year at school, I figured he deserved a reward.

  3. LOL!! You caved! What an awesome push-over mom you are ;)

  4. Ava-When he gave me the "sad eyes" routine I was powerless to refuse.

  5. Great video!

    You are really an awesome mom with an awesome son.

  6. Thanks, Eyre. He spoils me, too. The other day I went to get fuel and realized I didn't even know how to take the gas cap off my van. Cody has always made sure that my tank is full. LOL