Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cover Time!

I have two wonderful, hot, beautiful, awesome, pretty, smexy covers to share!

This is from the Holiday release I have coming out with Amber Quill Press.

And this one is for the next Lost Shifter Book. I can't wait for you all to read Owen's story.


  1. Congrats on the gorgeous covers!! I particularly love the hottie on the cover of 'I'll Run Away For The Holidays' :)

  2. Thanks, Ava. I thought Trace did a fantastic job on that cover, too. I'll have to get some promo material with that cover on it.

  3. OWEN!!!!! I wonder what "I'll Run Away For The Holidays" is all about, Stephani?


  4. Hey Ami! Here is a very condensed, very unedited blurb:
    Scott has never liked the holidays. So when his friend, Madison, asks him to travel to her childhood home to celebrate, the last thing he wants is to get saddled with her relatives for a week holiday cheer. Madison is good at getting what she wants, though. Before he knows it, Scott finds himself in for a long seventeen hour drive to their home state.

    Scott has resigned himself to his fate when another of Madison’s relations joins in for the trip; her sexy, younger brother, Anson. Not only has Anson still in college, but he’s the baby of the family, both of which should make him hands off for Scott. However, Anson doesn’t want Scott to keep his hands to himself. The younger man immediately makes it clear Scott is the only present he wants to unwrap for Christmas.

  5. Thanks, Jase. I thought they were pretty yummy, too.

  6. Thanks, Chris. I'm very fond of them, too.