Thursday, September 16, 2010

A dress for all occasions

Finally, I can write and look like Mrs.Cunningham at the same time!

Description from the Mod Cloth website:

As a full-time blog writer, you know that there’s no reason to sacrifice ease in the name of style when you’re swanning around for hours with your laptop in tow. This loose-fitting babydoll dress makes a perfect match of both with its functional button front, cuffed short sleeves, and dark grey trim. A star-like pattern adds to its charm, as do its useful pockets. Transition from typing at home to meeting up with your readers for cupcakes by adding a fitted blazer, grey tights and a high, sturdy pair of heels, and you’ll be feeling both comfortable and confident as you chat the night away. From Dear Creatures.


  1. But, I could bake cookies, do the laundry, mop the floors, write many books and still be ready to entertain when the hubby brings the boss home for dinner.

    (Wow,that long, rambling sentence was almost a Misadventure.)

  2. Zing!

    I feel like I just read an Enjoli commercial. ;)

  3. I refuse to wear a pair of black, high-heels, though. I can only sacrifice so much for beauty.

  4. Somehow I'm thinking the "high sturdy pair of heels" doesn't mean stilettos. You should be able to handle the cookies, laundry, mopping and writing in that stylish outfit.

    Probably look good enough to post pictures on your blog. :)

  5. Will I have to wear makeup and do my hair up in a bun?