Monday, September 13, 2010

Coming out today at Total-E-Bound

When Cole goes home and runs into his old rival, he finds out there is a very thin line between hate and lust.
As an overprotective older brother, Cole Wilde knew there wouldn’t be a man good enough for his sister, Jessica. Still, that didn’t prepare him for the news that she would be marrying one of the dreaded McCoven brothers.
All through his high school years, Bobby and his younger sibling, Andrew, made Cole’s life a living hell. It didn’t help matters that they belonged to a rival hockey team, so the feud carried over to the ice. Now, his sister tells him she’s actually marrying Bobby, and she expects Cole to be happy about it?
Determined to change her mind, Cole flies home to confront her. Instead, he finds himself being sized for a tux as he’s made a groomsman before he’s whisked away to the rehearsal dinner. There, he runs into the other brother, Andrew. Cole is both shocked and dismayed to find himself drawn to the other man. Andrew wastes no time in letting him know the attraction goes both ways.
After a few too many drinks, the two end up sharing a night of passion that changes them both forever. But will Cole be able to let go of all his doubts and old resentments long enough to find his own happily ever after?


  1. I won this over on GoodReads this weekend & can't WAIT to read it!!! I've never read one of your books that I didn't love.

    PS--Can't WAIT for Oct 1 when I can get the new St Michael's book. 8D

  2. Thanks so much Courtney! You will be getting your copy from me today. I had a blast writing this one.

  3. Congrats on the new release, Steph! I love that title ;) Yeah, I know it's a hockey reference (...because you told me, otherwise I would have never known). But it fits so well with a smexy m/m book.

  4. Thanks, Ava. You should have seen my struggle to come up with a title that could fit both hockey and M/M romance. It was kind of comical at times.