Thursday, April 15, 2010

Man Down-Hot New M/M Novella

Man Down

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All Jessie Goodson wants to do is put the past behind him and focus on his dreams of becoming a paramedic. Broken and scarred in more ways than one, he yearns to prove to everyone who’s ever doubted him that he can make something of himself. Determined to succeed, the last thing he wants is anything or anyone to distract him from his goal.

Randal Connors’s job is to train new medics, it sure as hell isn’t to mess around them. Especially a certain blond, who’s not only way too young for him, but haunted by a secret past. But, forbidden or not, Randal still finds himself becoming more attracted to Jessie with each passing day.

Then the explosive details of Jessie’s secrets come out and Randal knows he can’t turn his back on the man. But in helping Jessie, will Randal lose everything he has?


“So, why do you want to be a paramedic?” Randal asked, still fixated by those lips.

Jessie took a few more bites, seeming to really think the question out before he finally shrugged. “I like the adrenaline.”

They ate for a few more minutes before Jessie turned the tables. “How about you?”

Randal looked down at his food. “Twelve years ago my parents and I were in a car accident. It was a head-on collision with a truck and they didn’t make it. The only reason I survived was because I was in the back seat.”

Jessie paused, his face growing pale. “Shit, Randal. I’m sorry.”

Now it was Randal who shrugged. “I was busted up pretty bad and spent a ton of time in the hospital. A lot of people helped me out during that time and when I got back on my feet, I decided I wanted to pay it back somehow. This seemed like a good way.” He fidgeted with his plate, surprised at himself for confessing all that. He’d never shared that information with anyone, not even Val. Somehow though, it seemed right to talk about it with Jessie. Jessie got up, twisted Randal’s stool around, then moved in close so his smaller body was between Randal’s thighs.

“I think it’s a great way to give back,” Jessie breathed against his lips. Letting his hand drop to Randal’s cock, Jessie’s lips curled up into a wicked grin. “Speaking of which, I think I need to pay someone back for a fantastic blow job.”

Since Randal was sitting, he didn’t have to dip his head down to kiss Jessie. He threaded his fingers through Jessie’s silky hair and brought him in. As soon as their lips touched, Jessie opened up so Randal could slide his tongue in. While earlier, Jessie had tasted tart and sweet, like the candies he ate, now the tang of beer and pizza lingered in his mouth.

Not breaking off the kiss, Jessie let his hand drift down to Randal’s zipper. Undoing it, he reached in and pulled out Randal’s cock. “I’ve been dying to get my hands on this since the first time I saw you,” he whispered against Randal’s lips.

Randal sucked in a breath when Jessie swiped his thumb across the tip of his cock.

Bringing his hand up to his mouth, Jessie slowly sucked the pre-cum off his thumb. “Tell me you have condoms and lube here,” he begged before he closed his eyes, almost as if he were savoring Randal’s essence.

“You mean you don’t carry everything you need with you?” Randal teased as he wondered how he could manage things so Jessie’s fingers were wrapped around his cock again.

“I may have a potty mouth, but I’m not a whore.” Jessie licked his thumb again with an impish shrug. “Well…not usually. Now, do you have the stuff here or am I going to have to make a mad dash to the drugstore?”

Randal laughed. “It’s in my bedroom.”

“Now who’s the slut?” Jessie grabbed Randal’s hand and tugged. “Lead the way.”

Randal couldn’t get Jessie there quick enough. As soon as they entered the room, Jessie dropped to his knees and grabbed Randal’s cock again. “You’re so fucking big, I’m going to be feeling you in my ass for days after you screw me tonight.”

The image of him filling Jessie’s tight ass had Randal groaning as he thrust forward. Jessie took the hint, his tongue darting out to tease the head of Randal’s dick. The move was slow, deliberate and an obvious tease. Deciding to teach the brat some manners, Randal grabbed a handful of his hair and tugged. “Stop playing around and suck me.”

“Yes, whatever you need. Just tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you,” Jessie replied, for once his tone totally compliant. The sudden turnaround from his normal bratty ways, both shocked and aroused Randal at the same time. Who knew that underneath all that snark hid a little submissive waiting to be ordered around? Randal suddenly felt like he’d been given the best gift ever.

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